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At Go Glossy, our main focus is providing unique tailored solutions for businesses and brands of all sizes. Our Go Glossy 360 program has been successful for new business owners as well as established companies.

Lisa Caprelli
Lisa CaprelliCEO / Founder
We need stories to explain concepts. A business benefits when it tells stories to get messages across. Something no robot, computer or APP can do is create content.

Lisa Caprelli

“We need stories to explain concepts.  A business benefits when it tells stories to get messages across. Something no robot, computer or APP can do is create content. We’re living in a tumultuous time, ripe with change and exploration. Business professionals should be pushed toward new ways of thinking, and new ways of approaching information — to help expand business growth through innovation.”

With a 10 year radio career overlapping 20 years in business consulting, marketing, and branding, Lisa Caprelli strategically uses content and message branding to grow companies. Known for inspiring business leaders to be innovative, she has helped businesses grow, including Fortune 500 companies. Her media career has included The Business Experience Show, The Free Money Hour, and other programs on stations like 97.1 FM, KFWB, KNX 1070, KFMB, and KABC, as well as real estate finance and motivational books.

Today she combines traditional and digital media to enhance public relations, marketing, advertising and brand messaging through an outside-the-box approach. She collaborates with like-minded CEO’s, business owners, and entrepreneurs to achieve the success they desire.

Blake Pinto
Blake PintoAccount Manager / Content Marketer

Blake Pinto

Blake is a military veteran and self-starter with experience across a variety of communications professions – Journalism, Public relations, Copywriting and Marketing.

Public Relations, Copywriting and Marketing

Blake has worked with a variety of clients and has experience developing website copy, marketing content using digital technology and social media platforms, creating media lists, generating press releases, crafting SEO-friendly blog posts, maintaining content calendars, and utilizing Google Analytics and Adwords. The clients he has assisted include: Raumedic, Mas Talent, Universal Resource, Identity Management Agency, Simplifi IT Solutions, LINC Housing Group, Laser Spine Institute of Illinois. He is certified in Inbound Marketing through HubSpot Academy and working on certifications for Google Analytics and Adwords.


Blake assisted with the development and launch of an arts, dining and entertainment weekly, The Edge, working his way from intern to managing editor; while juggling a newborn, 16-college units and a part-time serving job. He was recognized by the Los Angeles Press Club during the 59th Annual Southern California Journalism Awards, winning the “Activist Journalism” category for his story about a Vietnam veteran’s battle with PTSD. He has editorial, social media, production and publishing experience with multiple publications, including: The Edge, LA Canvas, LOCALE Magazine, ROGUE Magazine, Pasadena Independent, Arcadia Weekly and Monrovia Weekly. He was also a contributing writer for his university’s award-winning newspaper, Daily 49er. He runs a the blog, Bloggin’ Braidwood, focused on the personalities of people in the small town where he lives off Route 66.

Matthew Vasquez
Matthew VasquezVideo Editor / Photographer / Marketer

Matthew Vasquez

Matthew Vasquez has many business skills and a magnetic personality! Matt is invaluable to our team.  He helps with assembling materials such as graphics, photography, dialogue, raw camera footage and other special effects into a finished product with quality, length or production acceptable for broadcasting. Using dialogue, music and other elements; correcting errors; selecting shots for each scenes suitable for the story line; verifying time codes and key numbers; choosing specific visual effects, music and special audio; organizing raw footage into a continuous film; reviewing edited and so much more.  Graphic Design work includes Photoshop, Print, Digital media and platforms requiring

Zara Safdar

Zara is a Graphic Designer by day and full-on creative by night.  Her focus is imagining the business issues.

“The fun part is getting to know a business and imagining yourself in their shoes; if this were my business what would I do? To me it’s an earnest and effective way to work, and I can truly learn something new every day.”

Zara is most passionate about constructing messages artistically. “Even when I was little and didn’t know what graphic design was, I always wished I could explain my thoughts in pictures instead of writing an essay.”  For fun she likes to make art, play video games, and read.

Best mentor:

Professor John T. Drew at Cal State Fullerton. No one else has come close to pushing my capabilities to the limit. As demanding as it felt, I stand by the idea that it takes trial by fire to become someone talented. I’ve been part of two of his special studies courses and his pilot internship course working with UST Global.

Favorite project in the past 3 years:

Creating an internal iPhone app for Lego.

Lego, whose headquarters is based out of Denmark, has factories all over the world and sends its corporate employees to these factories for business. Anyone who’s traveled to another country understands the stress and preparation that comes with travel. Lego wanted to give their employees a dependable resource to keep their travel experience safe and secure.

Zara finished the project and the course as one of the top 10 students out of a pool of 70 and moved forward to interview with UST Global for their future endeavor to have an in-house design firm.

Zara Safdar
Zara SafdarGraphic Designer / Consultant
Zara is a Graphic Designer by day and full-on creative by night. Her focus is imagining the business issues.
Lori Horbatiuk
Lori HorbatiukExecutive Assistant

Lori Horbatiuk

Lori is a millennial with a keen eye for social media messages, writing and more.  A native of Michigan, she enjoys bringing a versatile message to our clients.

As a medical student in training, she helps serve on health and medical field related business accounts.

Eve Shieh

Eve has been an awesome part of our team and she is very driven.  We support her educational growth while she learns from Go Glossy and our clients.  Eve is a USC undergraduate student seeking to achieve knowledge and experiences in International commerce, policies, economics, and cultural aspects. Emphasizing in International Finance and minoring in Social Entrepreneurship.

Aspiring to become a Global Diplomat for East-Asian and French provinces. Hoping to seek out projects involving international affairs solving worldwide educational issues for the youth.  Eve will be relocating to Japan and dedicating a portion of career as an international financier with an entrepreneurship expertise.  While we teach her about life and business experience, she teaches us about current trends.

Eve Shieh
Eve ShiehBlogger / Social Media Trainer
RYAN HAWK EASTVideo editor, Videographer


Ryan Hawke East is a graduate of CSU-Fullerton where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts. While in school, he was able to study abroad for six months at Trinity Saint David in Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK. Whilst abroad, Ryan was able to study English theatre and film, as well as establish a taste for directing. Once back in the States, Ryan and his roommate, Conor Turoci, created Hawke’N’Bones Studios, an indie film production team dedicated on creating genre-specific, self-written films contrasting present world views in order to provide entertaining concepts that will inspire audiences.

Ryan also works independently as a producer, writer, videographer, and film/audio editor. Ryan has now broken into the ground of the podcast world as producer of The Business Experience Show.

David T. Bourgeois, Ph.D. , Website Designer

Dave has been an information technology professional for over 25 years, working for companies such as Southern California Edison and Texas Instruments. As the team lead, Dave works directly with clients and does the final quality assurance checks. Dave specializes in strategy and analytics.