By Lisa Caprelli

I often hear people who have adult children not want to use social media. Or I hear marketers trying to convince you that you need digital marketing, yet they don’t even actively participate in Facebook, Google Plus and so forth.


“Nonsense! I’m not using SnapChat – that’s for young people.”


Well, let me tell you, if you don’t use SnapChat, Twitter or Instagram with your kids (or young people) – you will be left out of communication. When I hear that my older son is using modern tools, I jump on the wagon to use them and understand them as well. This not only helps me communicate with him better, it helps me to understand this modern day world at work. It opens up my mind to the creative talent of the younger generations. It helps me to explain to businesses why they would or would not need a certain social APP.   I like to go to the heart of the matter and ask, “What is it you like about this APP or that media?”  I get my answers.  It’s visual data.  It’s visual story telling.  Same reason we like to go see movies.


I look at Facebook at a memory book or journaling whether it is for personal or business use. In the past, you could not keep things digital like you can today. How cool that I can sit on the sofa with my little guy and show him by simply scrolling with my fingers to photos when he was a baby. I can do this anywhere in the world! I no longer have to take out my huge photo scrapbook that took up space.


Digital saves space! No more file cabinets – yay!


Facebook has made many changes this year alone that can benefit businesses!  There are so many techniques to getting more exposure, it is unbelievable.


Here is a sample of one of my boosts that only cost $5. This business has seen an increase of traffic, due to Facebook – could you ever imagine advertising for $5 on any given day in the “old days”?


I actually think that many of the modern and popular social APPS are pretty genius. And they are fun to use!


It is the same naysayers that complain that people don’t pick up the phone and call you anymore. “Everyone just wants to text.”


Okay! So embrace it. Think of how many people you can actually have conversations with versus the old fashioned – pick up the phone – leave a message – forget why you even called. You don’t have to use ALL OF THEM (social media) – use the ones that fit your brand.


Modern technology is increasing your communication with people around you daily. I actually love it. I still will pick up the phone and have a voice to voice call with someone when I want to add value to the reason why I’m calling.


Next time you hear someone complaining, it is glass half full or glass half empty. Perception.