Is Your Website Just Another Lazy Employee?

Mobilegeddon is being talked about all over business news! Why?  Google’s mobile ranking algorithm will officially include mobile-friendly usability factors and app indexing. Making sure your site is mobile-friendly is now more important than ever.

How do you check if your website is mobile friendly?

Here is an easy Google based mobile website checker, says Lisa Caprelli of Go Glossy, a California based website and marketing agency:

Online marketing is quickly becoming the number one way to communicate with your audience and sell your products. If you haven’t got a salesman attitude, or if you’re waiting for the customer to come to you, then you’re doing it wrong.

E-commerce is a tough, fast moving industry, and if you’re not working forward, you’re falling behind. The 90’s generation to now has made several multimillionaires out of literally their basement- because of the magic of the internet. The important distinction to make is the approach that you take to sales. This is very different than brick-and-mortar industries, because your opportunities to push your Google presence, your digital presence and ultimately your overall website presence is all dependent on your attitude. Instead of having a “build it and they will come” attitude, you’ve got to actively search out customers and provide them great deals and REASONS to keep coming back to you. Otherwise, you’re missing the point and failing in your mission- to exponentially increase your businesses’ worth.

There are our top 4 Important Ideas to Keep in Mind to Make Your Website More Profitable when you’re Building it:

1.) Your Site Isn’t Going to Sell Itself

When you’re moving products online, it’s important to remember that there isn’t a “store”, or even “employees” to sell your product. Everything is digital, and no matter how great you’re convinced your SEO and networking are, you still have to be promoting your pages, converting your existing customer base and hopefully expanding base to a page that convinces people to buy your products. To sell your product, you have to have detail orientation or you immediately lose your customer’s interest. You have to instill your customer with more trust than your competitor, and you have to offer them things that compel them- we’re talking warranties, reviews, and powerful client bases- it’s all about pushing your page to the masses in a way that they’ll truly enjoy.

2.) No Matter What You Think, You Could Improve Your Digital Marketing

Most brands out there don’t know how to properly market in today’s digital age, because it’s vastly different than the old brick-and-mortar stand alone businesses. To this particular generation, the idea of e-commerce is foreign, or neigh impossible. They rely specifically on search engines and paid search, while someone in sales pushes paid search advertising options first and foremost, but primarily to catch the newer customers but not to focus on sending their advertising to people who aren’t going to buy their products, targeting negative keywords to limit their audience to focus their paid sales to those who are apt to buy the product, instead of marketing to EVERYONE, because not everyone is going to pick up your brand.

Another important tactic utilizes comparison shopping engines that work against each other- like Ebay, Google Shopping, Nextag and Amazon. Why? Because these channels are very competitive against each others and try to sell their products WITH you, instead of against you, and their teams have more resources and are more ruthless than you. While you’re focusing on your SEO, also focus on bringing in new customers with content that’s packed with non-brand terms that are located away from your homepage and buried in content, that way you bring in potential customer where the majority is avoiding because their brand names are established- giving you more and more customers.

Don’t forget social media either! If you aren’t focusing on targeting your digital marketing channels through your social media outlets, then you’re missing one of the key aspects of business- conversation. Engage your client base through email sign-ups, shares, and referrals, and stop expecting people to find you out! Social media advertising is usually affordable, and the clients you pick up are going to be more powerful than someone mindlessly browsing through products.

3.) Your Offers Could Always be Better- And Your Offers Sell Your Products

Often, people already have established their favorite products, and are typically pretty loyal to them- which is where aggressive sales tactics and potent promotions give those who are interested in trying your products an in- and then you just reel them in. With powerful promotions, your marketing tactics are far easier and more streamlined, because people eat them up. Use hard sells and hard offers that increase conversion rates and bring customers closer to give your product a try, and if it’s a good product, they’ll keep coming back.

4.) Build an Email Mailing List – And Keep the Contact Flowing

This is the big difference between someone waiting around on clients, and someone that’s actively pushing for a huge base to make some money. If you aren’t getting email addresses, phone numbers, or some kind of contact information (you could even use Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ accounts to get your push) after your customer leaves, then you’re actively losing business. Conversion rate are around 3 to 5 percent, which means that you’re only going to get a small portion of the business you direct. That’s why it’s so integrally important to convince a larger portion of traffic to come back around again and again (and again, hopefully).

In the end, the process of building your website is simple:

SELL. YOUR. SITE. Make sure you’re doing exactly what you need to achieve results, and that means finding people to look at your stuff.
Improve your digital marketing and internet marketing skills by making sure that you aren’t ONLY focused on the advertising sector.
Offer top of the line offers for “first month” with little money or financing options involved. This draws customers in, because a new customer can get an old product at a supposed better deal than other places.
Build and maintain contact sheets to send information to client bases, especially to keep them current.

Do some research, find some more effective ways to drive up sales, and you’ll be surprised to find out just how effective your marketing techniques can be. Look into how your online stores stack up next to others, and be different! These sorts of tactics are the absolute best when you’re trying to acquire new, loyal shoppers to really power your brand. In the end, you have to ask yourself “does my website work?” and if you can’t answer the question positively and honestly, you have to work on changing a few details.

“I’m currently managing web properties that have seen their mobile traffic increase from 10% to 50% or more in the last 18 months,” says Aaron Doucette, website designer, “mobile optimization should be your number one priority, especially if local searches and localized SEO are vital to your business.”

Has your website become just another lazy employee?

• Does it enhance your reputation?
• Does it make new customers call you?

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