7 Tips By Edwin Dearborn 

This is a great end of year list thanks to my colleague, Edwin Dearborn, who has compiled a list of top 7 marketing trends for 2015.

Mobile Marketing. Google has already indicated that those websites that are mobile responsive will rank higher in search. But more importantly, mobile is taking over desktop search, particularly for those looking for local businesses to shop and dine at. Fast thinking companies will learn how to adapt their platforms and strategies for this growing trend.

Reputation Offense. Too many businesses are reactionary when it comes to reputation management, responding only to a bad review. This is purely defensive. Companies will need to become proactive, finding ways to inspire genuine and positive reviews, thus playing offense in 2015 to win the reputation management game.

Transparent Storytelling. The consumer has a new power to find out – in a matter of minutes – if all of your hype is genuine. Successfully brands will learn how to tell stories that allow for transparency, good humor, intelligence and some humility.

Accountability for Procurement. Marketers are under the gun to produce leads, online sales, new walk-ins and repeat sales. With analytics data reaching far beyond what we dreamed possible, companies and executives will have greater insight into what is moving the numbers. As a result, more accountability will be placed upon marketers and marketing agencies to generate higher revenue.

Distinctive Content is the New SEO. Recent changes from Google has all but eliminated the “SEO Guru” and his voodoo. Content is king and he sits on the throne of contextual. In other words, you need to be producing distinctive and on-point content. Personalization of content will grow in importance. Another key element that will become important is how to re-purpose your content so that is contextual to not only the end user, but also to the channel in which they consume the content.

Video Content Dominates. As more and more people are consuming content via smart phones and tablets, video content will grow in leaps and bounds as the premiere content to be created. YouTube is now the second largest search engine. Have you ever heard of a white paper or a podcast going “viral?”

In Person Events. With so much automation, both brands and consumers will look to live events for quality engagement. Brands and entrepreneurs that can create reasons for people to connect, learn, and network in person will build a better bond with their audiences. This will become a top marketing method in generating trust and a powerful word of mouth strategy.

 Here are more top end of the year tips from Top LinkedIn Influencers:


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